Live life beautifully.

Hey beautiful person! I'm Jeaiza, the creator of Gyul Meets World. I'm a digital storyteller and a helper who is passionate about life and people - and I created this site in 2009 because I wanted to help others live intentionally.


Throughout my life I've struggled with finding my purpose and breaking bad habits that included procrastination, a lack of self-love, and living idly. On the outside I've always been seen as a role model for others but internally I battled with tons of insecurity and a lack of self-discipline. I wasn't truly enjoying my life or my work and I found myself constantly rearranging things - from my blog, to my living space, to the places I've lived - to find some sort of satisfaction. 

Fortunately, I decided not to accept a life without purpose and direction. 

This platform is where I post the tips and tricks that help me to live a more intentional life while connecting people to each other's stories - I'd love to share that with you. 


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