My name is Jeaiza...

I'm an ordinary woman who has lived what I believe to be an extraordinary life. Outwardly, I've always been a super determined, goal-oriented, busy-body. Internally? I've struggled with insecurity, a lack of self-love, and the constant feeling like I have no control over my life or my goals. 

Been there, done all of it—exhausting jobs, draining personal relationships, a blog that never seemed to have direction, burnout, and the age old "I'm gonna get it together this time!" mantras. As happy as I convinced my friends (and followers) that I was, I was desperately seeking contentment with my life and way of living. 

Last year I decided to live transparently and intentionally: instead of having a flashy social platform and trying to gain followers I wanted to CONNECT with people. I promised myself that I wouldn't live idly anymore and dedicate myself to LIVING LIFE BEAUTIFULLY. 

My goal is to teach people how to live "beautifully" by accepting themselves and dedicating their actions to making their lives more intentional and fulfilling. 

More About This "Gyul"...

I’m a digital storyteller, avid reader, and the biggest Harry Potter fan you'll ever meet. 

I was born and raised on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, but since the age of 18 I've lived in many different places - including Virginia, Houston and Orlando. I've experienced everything from performing in an HBCU Marching Band, to traveling all over the country and having a coveted pageant title in Texas.  


Love is what landed me in Arizona where I've lived since 2019. I currently live in the historical city of Tucson with my fiancé and our four-legged fur baby Dash. 

When I'm not running my online platforms I work for an amazing Community Foundation here in Tucson that helps to support hundreds of other nonprofits in our community. While many people have walked away from the full-time work life, I feel pretty lucky that I never feel the need to. My easy-going and happy work environment is one of those things I sought out when trying to build a more intentional life. 

It continues to be quite the journey, but I'm all about documenting it along the way.


  • I grew up in a U.S. territory but experienced a very different life compared to the average American. There's a reason the blog is named "Gyul" Meets World instead of "Girl" - learn more about my island here

  • I started by blog as a teenager and have been consistently writing ever since - though the blog has understandably gone through some name changes since 2009!

  • I consider myself an empath and while I love telling my own story, other people's stories and journeys are what I'm passionate about - it's why I started The Beautiful People Podcast 

  • My fiancé and I met in college!

  • I was Miss Prairie View A&M University in 2016. 

  • I call almost everyone I know (and most people I don't know) "beautiful people" because it's something I believe about them and what I want them to believe about themselves. Living intentionally isn't just about making a better life for yourself - it also involves being kind and empathetic to others and their journeys as well!

Contact Me

If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact me via email at

I try my best to read and respond to every email I receive, but please give me at least 48 hours to get back to you before sending additional messages. :-)

Currently, I am not accepting guest posts or guest inquiries on my blog or podcast. If this changes, I'll be sure to update the website.




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