A Mission To Revive A Cultural Tradition In Digital Spaces

For much of the last decade, younger Virgin Islanders have been accused of being less involved or disinterested in traditional activities and even less likely to wear madras: a traditional fabric that made its way from rural India all the way to the Caribbean through the European trade and the African slave trade.In my own upbringing, I remember madras as something worn by elders or quadrille dancers.

The only glimpses of madras being incorporated into modern fashion by younger locals were during our annual agricultural fair or in pageants where certain segments required cultural wear. 

In late 2018, I began seeing a resurgence of madras fabric through the digital spaces of Giana "designs by Regal" Christopher, Markida "Local Lady Media" Scotland and Chalana Brown. This year these women inspired me to host a social media challenge called #MyMadras in an effort to raise more digital awareness and celebration of "the Caribbean's Fabric." 

#MyMadras ran during the month of October 2019 with over 150 participants. Today, the hashtag lives on as a way to celebrate the fabric that comprises the very fiber of Caribbean culture. 

To participate in #MyMadras, you simply have to post a photo of madras on social media. You can wear it, decorate with it, or educate others about the fabric! 

To have your photos featured on this page, please email gyulmeetsworld@gmail.com



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