• Jeaiza Quiñones

Hating Beyonce Doesn't Make You Special, Janice.

This blog post isn't about Beyonce.

It's about the dozens of people who dedicate multiple social media posts a year to emphasize just how "different" they are. You know, the ones who constantly share the "I'm one of the few people in the world who has never seen Game of Thrones" posts?

The ones who think Beyonce is overrated, but constantly talk about her.

The ones who say things like "Maybe it's just me but I feel like __________."

I'm here as a representative of the 7.53 billion people in the world to let you know:

1. We don't really care.

2. You're not "different" or "special."

Remember that number? 7.53 BILLION? It means that although you may feel like the general consensus says one thing, there are more than likely millions of other people who agree with you on any particular topic at any given time. The only difference is those people may not be popping up on your social media feeds.

You see, social media works on an algorithm as most computer-operated entities do. When something is talked about enough, it trends. When something trends it's pushed to the top of your news feed and regurgitated. The only reason you feel like the "majority of the world" is agreeing on a single topic is because that's how it's being presented on your social media feeds.

Except the whole Beyonce thing. She's not overrated. You're just ashy.

Your need to separate yourself from the masses in order to present yourself as having some edge on common sense or taste is nothing more than a deeper desire to make yourself stand out. You can't be an anomaly and actively WANT to be an anomaly. The "hey, look at me!" attitude actually doesn't make you any different from the dozens of people in the world who desire to have something differentiate them from everyone else. And that's okay.

We are all unique, different, and special in our own ways. However, it's incredibly unlikely that no one else in the world thinks the way we do on a number of topics. The difference comes in with our lived experiences and the access we have to certain things. If you feel differently about something than most of your friends do, that's okay. You're not required to fall in line. I'm just asking you not to be an asshole about it, because in my life experience there is one consensus I know to be true. No one likes an asshole.

So go forth. Think differently. Don't watch Game of Thrones. You do whatever floats your Disney Cruise Line Janice. Just know that while you're typing up that social media post to point out just how much you stand out in this world, many of us have just scrolled past another one just like it. We'll scroll past another one tomorrow, and no matter how many times you say it: we still won't care.




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