• Jeaiza Quiñones

I'm Publishing My First E-Book On Social Media & Content Creation

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

This year I dedicated a ton of time to researching social media and content creation in an effort to make my overall social media presence better. I asked questions. I watched videos. I followed other creators and downloaded a bunch of "guides" and read posts that said "click here to learn 10 ways to do _____" that, a lot of times, ended up feeling like dead ends or schemes to get more subscribers.

These guides would be three pages long and give me surface information that I already knew. In order to find out more or get the answer I was really looking for, I'd have to pay hundreds of dollars for full webinars or content without the promise that I'd actually be learning anything valuable. A lot of these guides also used language that I knew would feel unfamiliar to people who weren't keen to social media. So this Summer I decided it was time someone wrote a guide that fit everyone's needs and actually gives them the transparent information they need to improve their platforms.

My first e-book "You" Meets World: The Ultimate Guide To Making The Most Of Your Social Media will be available for purchase and online download on SUNDAY 11/10/19 right here on GyulMeetsWorld.com

The book goes into detail on all the things you want (and need!) to know about making the most of your social media platforms -whether you're an influencer, business owner, or someone who just wants to improve your digital media presence. The book caters to BOTH beginners in the social media realm and those of you who have a hand on things but need specific tips for your favorite platforms.

Topics include:

Brand Awareness & Identity Differences between platforms Content Calendar creation & content creation tips Website tips Analytics & SEO AND MORE.

The book also include some free downloads and goodies to help you get started with your social media makeover. There will even be a private Facebook group to join where you get to chat with me, work on weekly social media challenges and ask questions about your platforms!

I'm so excited to share this with you. If you want a heads up sent DIRECTLY to your email inbox when the book drops, make sure you're subscribed by clicking here: http://www.gyulmeetsworld.com/subscribe




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