• Jeaiza Quiñones

Knowing Your Why: The Easiest Way To Start A Blog and Pick Your Niche

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I often get from readers and friends who need tips on starting a new blog or some other form of social media platform. They often struggle with not knowing what they want their blogs to be about or where to start. My typical response? "Well, what's your WHY?"

Not knowing where to start when you have a great idea for a blog or some other form of platform is normal. The digital world is saturated with hundreds of thousands of platforms covering different niches. The accessibility granted by new updates on our favorite social sites make creating your own space to express yourself easier than ever. If and when you decide to start your platform, many of the people you interact with may also have their own.

So while it's okay to not know where to start - it's still important to know WHY you want to.

What are you passionate about? What is your goal? Who are you and what about you do you want to convey to the general public? You could pick a single topic and run with that, but then you might run out of ideas on how to create good content over a longer period of time. You also want to make sure that you're committing to something you can make multiple types of content out of.

For example, travel bloggers don't just become travel bloggers because they travel often or just love traveling. They become travel bloggers because they might:

- Want to share their trips with others.

- Want to help others find easier/cheaper ways to travel.

- Want to help others discover lesser known/smaller destinations

- Want to expose minority groups like people of color, LGBTQ people, disabled people, etc. to travel opportunities.

You can travel often and love traveling and STILL not want to dedicate your time and effort to blogging and documenting every trip. It's knowing your "WHY" that helps you to combine the two and keep finding ways to create new content on a consistent basis. When I launched Gyul Meets World earlier this year it was because after 10 years of blogging and content creation I realized my "WHY" was helping others discover things and experience the world. Before I realized my "why" I struggled with constantly re-branding, changing my website, revising my instagram themes, and creating content that just didn't feel "like me."

Once you write down your "WHY" and identify the things you're passionate about, you can start forming content out of those things.

Who are you? I'm a social media specialist and plus size woman.

I can create blog posts with tips on social media, and fashion/style posts for women who are my size.

What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about Caribbean culture, plus size women, and millenial perspectives.

That's three additional kinds of content.

Once you begin to identify your "why" and the things you're passionate about, you will begin to identify content ideas. As a blogger, four ideas turned into weekly posts means you've just created a MONTH of great content!

Blogs require commitment, organization, consistency, (some) money, and above all they require passion. Every thing you post won't go viral, in fact, there is a huge possibility that nothing you post will. You won't always get the most likes or comments, and you won't grow to 10,000 followers in a day.

There are numerous tools and tips you can use to help make that process easier, many of which I may be able to help you with here. Still, the first question I will ALWAYS ask anyone seeking blog advice, is "Do you know your WHY?"

Before you launch that blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram page, make sure you know exactly what your mission is. When things get tough and you need a bit of inspiration, your WHY will always be there to guide you.




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