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SHEIN.COM Swimsuit Haul: 4 Swimsuits Under $60 For Plus Size Women

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I love clothes, but I hate shopping.

I feel like the in-store shopping experience just isn't for me, but the online world isn't any easier to navigate. I meet most of the same problems I would in store, but they're made worse by the fact that I discover the issues with my clothing after they've already been purchased and shipped. This is why I've avoided websites like Shein.com for so long.

The clothes looked super affordable, and I see that my size is offered - but most of the time I've discovered websites like this are too good to be true. So what actually happened when I purchased FOUR swimsuits from Shein? Keep reading for my full shopping experience!


The Shein website is pretty easy to navigate. There is a designated section for Plus Size/Curvy clothing, and lots of options to choose from. Shein gives you the opportunity to create an account, save your cart and make payments through third-parties like Paypal for safer purchasing.


What brought me to Shein initially was a swimsuit I saw via a social media ad that was listed at $14.00. Turns out, most of the items on the website from casual clothing, dressier items, accessories etc. are around the same price range. I paid a total of $52.00 for four swimsuits plus shipping. For a first-time experience, I was glad that I wasn't breaking bank for multiple items (especially if I didn't know what the shipping and try-on would be like.)


I received an initial confirmation from Shein immediately after purchase, and my tracking number/shipment notification was sent two days later. I was nervous initially, because I did not know where my items were coming from or how long it would take. I made the mistake of not creating an account with Shein on my first purchase and going through as a guest instead. When I set up an account after I received shipment notification, my order did not appear. I had to wait until my shipment got to me and was unable to track it that whole time. Thankfully: all of my items arrived in less than a week! They get an A+ from me for fast shipping, and I know now to sign into my account to make sure I can track my orders.


To be on the safe side, I ordered two of the swimsuits in a size 1XL and two in a size 0XL (which falls along the normal "extra large" range.) I wanted to see which size would be closer to a good fit for me just in case the clothing wasn't true to size. Turns out, the 0XL was a perfect fit and the 1XL was a bit looser - either way all of the swimsuits fit really well. The material is great quality and doesn't feel cheap. I even took two of them for a test run at the pool and washed both afterward to see if the colors would fade or if the material would be altered in any way and they were not.


For my initial swimsuit shopping experience, I'm convinced that Shein will be one of my stops. I do want to buy some regular clothing for a full review of the brand - but so far my experience has been positive. If you're looking for a website that's affordable, has fast shipping and good quality items Shein.com may be a great stop for you! Keep scrolling to see some pictures of two of my favorite swimsuits from this haul! You'll see them all on my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico!




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