• Jeaiza Quiñones

Wah You Sayin: 30-Day Reflective Journal Challenge

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Journaling and blogging have always been my way of organizing and acknowledging my thoughts. Over the years, I've participated in several different journal challenges that have helped me to process feelings, list goals, and work toward becoming a better person. Since relaunching Gyul Meets World I've been wanting to start my own journal challenge that will motivate others to become more self-aware as they navigate what at times can be a very difficult life experience.

Beginning on September 1st, I invite you all to join me on the #WahYouSayinJournal Challenge. This challenge consists of 30 straight days of writing prompts and questions about yourself, your life, goals, dreams and past experiences.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, we sometimes greet each other with the phrase “Wah You Sayin?” Or “Woh Sayin?” Essentially all we’re doing is asking the other person, “How are you/how’ve you been/what are you up/how are things going?” That’s exactly my goal with this challenge - to have you write about the things you’re feeling, thinking, hoping for, and seeking to accomplish.

To participate in this challenge, all you have to do is write every day by answering the prompts provided in the journal which can be downloaded here:


While you aren't obligated to share your answers online you can do so by tagging me (@GyulMeetsWorld) on any social site, or using the hashtag #WahYouSayinJournal. Feel free to share this journal with your friends and encourage them to participate as well. Also, if you aren't ready to start on September 1st with everyone else - the challenge is numbered Day 1-30 and can be started or finished at any time!

Sneak Peak

I look forward to seeing some of your responses and sharing this journaling journey with you!




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